Financial conditions

All prices are VAT excluded. Payment will be in Euro. Beyong 150 kms, each additional kilometer will be charged 0.614 €. Any extra expenses will be charged to the client after approval.

Conditions of payment

There is an initial down payment of 50% of the total amount of the order upon signing the contract. The balance must be paid on receipt of the final report.

Conditions of operation

The services start once the contract is signed. The contract includes the name of the client, the name of the beneficiary of Easy Lyon’s services, the objectives, the procedures of relocation and the fees agreed upon. The contract will also mention the name of the person to whom the reports are to be sent.


Easy Lyon :

  • Will do their best to complete the services entrusted to them. For this, Easy Lyon will request the client and the beneficiary to give them all the information necessary for the completion of the services.
  • will also inform the client and the beneficiary of the constraints related to carrying out the services.
  • will respect the confidentiality and use professional discretion regarding all information concerning the client and the beneficiary, their activities, organization and personnel.
  • will not disclose the said information to anyone, unless special authorization is given by the client or the beneficiary, or as long as the said information has not been disclosed to the public by the client or the beneficiary.


Easy Lyon is responsible for the full completion of its services except in case of absolute necessity. Easy Lyon declines liability should the client and/or the beneficiary not provide the required information.

In case where Easy Lyon would be unable to perform this mission in the foretold conditions, Elycoop may reserve the right to propose another company with all the qualification required to accomplish the assignment.

If no other company fits with the reqirements, or if the customer refuses the submitted company; Easy Lyon will be free from any contractual obligation and the contract will be terminated as of right without compensation.

The contract is not a mandate in favour of Easy Lyon and the Client is not liable to third parties for any act commited by Easy Lyon during the performance of the service. The CEO is liable for any act that rises to liability on the Client’s part and Easy Lyon cannot be considered as liable on behalf of the Client.

In case of bad faith on the part of the beneficiary – false information or deliberate refusal of all the homes which meet the beneficiary’s own stated requirements – Easy Lyon will immediately inform the client so that he can act accordingly.

Should Easy Lyon’s services be interrupted, Easy Lyon will keep the down payments. Moreover, any service begun will have to be paid by the client. If the services are to be continued, there will be a new estimate which takes into account lost time and the difficulty in solving problems generated by the beneficiary’s interruption.

The beneficiary must commit himself to respecting the agreements between Easy Lyon and the Real Estate Agencies or “Regies” during house visits that is :

  • Not informing outsiders about the personal conditions granted which must remains confidential.
  • Mentioning Easy Lyon’s visits of houses to any other person likely to show him the same property later on.
  • Prohibiting any direct agreement with the seller or landlord which might lead to the exclusion of the real estate agency.

In case of breach of the agreement the beneficiary will be sued for damages by the real state agency who will establish the cost of their financial harm.

Except for special agreement, the housing services will end after the signature of the lease and the purchase services will end after signature of the sale promise and the desired connection with bank loan services.

If the beneficiary or the client postpones a day of visit less than four days before the scheduled date, the time necessary to prepare this day of visit will be charged in addition to the performance of the service.

Legal validity

The contract and its appended documents express the full obligations of both parties. In case of doubt, the French version of this document, shall be considered as the authentic version.


In case of termination of the contract, the client must inform Easy Lyon by registered mail, it being understood that any service undertaken shall be paid.

Juridiction clause

This contract is under the jurisdiction of French Law. Any ensuing disagreement, if not settled amicably, will go before the Commercial Court of Lyon.