Our Philosophy

We offer services in an “a-la-carte” menu. This individualized method allows you to pick and choose the services you require so that starting life in Lyon or anywhere is indeed “easy”.
We remain unbiased in our dealings with the product and service providers we manage and hold our clients’ best interests above all else.
We update all information concerning our service providers and regularly inform our clients and their companies of any changes.
The background, experience and ability to negotiate of our team ensure that you will benefit from the best possible service in all legal, administrative and business procedures.
Our client relationships are based on trust, integrity and respect.

Independence and Code of Ethics :

Easy Lyon is a member of the ReloQI© quality seal and respects the ReloQI© Code of Ethics. So our Relocation services are provided with independence, exclusively protecting the client and assignee’s interests..

The ReloQI© Quality Independence Code of Ethics:

  • We do not accept any financial compensation, directly or indirectly, which could compromise unbiased judgement.
    • We do not receive directly or indirectly commissions from real estate industries, like real estate agencies, attorneys, owners, house hotels…
  • We do not accept unreasonable gifts whose value could be considered as a commission during commercial transactions.
  • We favour the client and the assignee’s interests and act with integrity and loyalty.
  • We inform the client and the assignee, during the assignment, if a conflict of interest should arise whilst carrying out the assignment.

Easy Lyon is a member of the French association SNPRM and supports its code of ethics.

Easy Lyon is a member of the European Relocation Association EuRA.